8 Tips to Learn Fluent English While Travelling Abroad


Speaking is an important skill that indicates how quickly we can communicate with one another. Because it is an ability that must be demonstrated within a short time.

But speaking fluently, it is not that easy to do, it takes constant practice to speak well. One way to help us keep practicing our speaking skills is by taking a trip abroad.However, just traveling alone doesn’t help you speak fluently.

In this article, I will share some tips for traveling abroad. The ability to speak fluently comes back with ,it is true that traveling is an escape from the stress that we face every day, so when going on vacation, you should focus on rest. Do not have to be serious about life.

But let me tell you beforehand that if you think you want to improve your English speaking skills better then Practicing speaking while traveling is one of the best options. Because when we are abroad the language that has to be spoken to survive is English. We therefore have the opportunity to use English more than usual.

Things we can do to get the best possible opportunity to speak English, such as

8 Tips to Learn Fluent English While Travelling Abroad
8 Tips to Learn Fluent English While Travelling Abroad

1.Talk to employees in various stores

While shopping at the supermarket Try (pretend) to ask staff to practice speaking, asking for help. Even though something is already known, such as asking where can I find the tomato sauce (Where can I find the tomato sauce?), Is there sunflower oil here (Do they have sunflower oil here?), Can I pay by credit card? (Can I pay by credit card? / Do you accept credit card payments? / Do they take credit cards here?) Etc.

2.Ask for directions with local people

While deciding to travel by public transport such as buses or subways Practice asking people who are waiting for a bus or subway which bus lines or which subway trains pass … Or have to go to which platform? For example, which bus goes through the London Eye (Which bus goes to the London Eye?). Want to go to Shinjuku. Which platform do I have to go to? (I want to go to Shinjuku. Which platform do I have to go to?)

3.Listen to lectures and seminars

Attend lectures or seminars on different topics that are relevant to your interests if by chance that such lectures or seminars are held during the visit. In addition to continuing to practice listening skills we may also learn some expressions that may be applied in the future.

4.Take English Course

If traveling for several days or weeks (And if there is enough money), we can take an English course at the language school of that country. This is to guarantee that we will practice speaking english as much as possible. Readers can find English courses from leading institutions in that country available from the website www.languagecourse.net 

5.Practice thinking in English continuously

Because our way of thinking is close to that of a native speaking. No matter what you decide to do or think about anything you have to try to use English, for example, What am I gonna do? Or Why does that man look so blue? Or Which direction should I choose? etc.

6.Refrain from listening or watching media in native         language

Many people go abroad. Would think of television programs or video clips in their native language. If possible, one should refrain from these media and focus on the English media instead. On the Internet there are many websites where one can listen to or watch English-language material produced by native speakers.

7.Up your status on Facebook or IG in English

This is another way to practice thinking and building simple sentences by trying to use a language level that is informal or friendly often. Practice vocabulary and expressions used indirectly in everyday life. Although this is not an exercise in speaking directly however, practicing writing in informal or informal language can help improve our daily speaking skills.

8.Search and visit a bookstore

This will reduce your chances of reading, listening or watching native language materials. Try to spend time browsing and reading in big bookstores. Watch for at least half an hour.

Here are some examples of what everyone can do when traveling abroad. If not practicing while abroad when will you practice? In India, it is not easy for us to practice speaking English. Although there are some foreigners but not that you will have a lot of time to practice speaking with them. Try to create an environment that is conducive to continuing to practice speaking English as well. I certify that your speaking skills will definitely be better than before.


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