IGNOU ASSIGNMENT FRONT PAGE For students who want to study but for some reason cannot go to regular college, IGNOU is the best university to study and make a career. (IGNOU) Indira Gandhi National Open University is a Central University through the Indian Parliamentary Act. This university was established in 1975 and the head office of this Central Open University is in New Delhi. Distance education was started with diploma to 4525 students in Indira Gandhi National Open University in the year 1949. IGNOU is currently fulfilling the dreams of reading more than 40 lakh students in India and other 36 countries with the help of its 21 Schools of Studies, 67 Regional Centers and around 3000 Student Support Centers and 67 Foreign Centers becoming the world’s largest open university. IGNOU's method of study is different from other traditional universities. IGNOU has adopted a multimedia approach to studies. The components of IGNOU are Self Study Materials, Consultation Sessions, Rubaru and Teleconferencing System. Easy courses have been made available for students in Science, Computer, Nursing and Engineering & Technology at selected study centers for students to avail practical classes. IGNOU provides sufficient leniency to the students in terms of admission eligibility, location, speed of study and its duration. Download IGNOU ASSIGNMENT FRONT PAGE Indira Gandhi University has been successful in studying and teaching students by adopting a flexible and flexible policy in study space, qualifying in admitting students, completing the program. Indira Gandhi University started its two academic programs with diploma in management and diploma in distance education. Indira Gandhi Open University offers diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate degrees and doctoral degree courses as well as emerging areas such as consumer protection, disaster management, environment, human rights, tourism, women's empowerment and child development, health education, HIV, technology and online education Courses are conducted on subjects. IGNOU follows a credit system that is based on the amount of time spent on studies. One credit is equivalent to 30 hours of study, it includes all activities of study. Different programs have different credit requirements. Students are allowed to get credit according to their speed, convenience and ability. IGNOU also provides credit transfer facility. Under this, credit can be transferred from any other university to IGNOU. For this, the student has to fulfil certain conditions. How to enroll in IGNOU University Enrollment in IGNOU is a very simple method. IGNOU provides good facilities to its students. You can register online to enroll from IGNOU official website. For this, email, mobile number and the programme on which the enrollment is to be done, should be filled accordingly. After registering the application for enrollment, the user should keep his name, email, password etc. Later on you can login to know the status anytime. Always remember that information is sent to the user via email and sms. How To Submit Assignment IGNOU Assignments are a crucial part for a student during his course. The assignments are a measure of sincerity, showing how faithful you are in your academic studies, and they play a big role in getting good grades. Students trying to secure good marks should have a good IGNOU ASSIGNMENT FRONT PAGE in which all the student details such as name , enrolment no, programme code, regional center should be mentioned clearly. In this blog we have provided a PDF format of IGNOU ASSIGNMENT FRONT PAGE which you can download with one click and print out to put on your assignments. Students can submit their assignments by visiting to their study center or to the regional center on certain conditions. Why Students Opt for Open Universities Ability to learn at your own pace Students do not need to worry remotely that they will lag behind their classmates. You can always return to the study of more complex issues, watch video lectures several times , re-read correspondence with the teacher, and you can skip already known topics. The main thing is to successfully pass the intermediate and final certification. Students can study without leaving their home or office, being anywhere in the world. To begin training, you must have a computer with Internet access. The lack of the need to attend school every day is a definite plus for people with disabilities , for those living in hard- to -reach places , serving their sentences in prisons, parents with small children. + Studying on the job You can remotely study in several courses at the same time, receive another higher education. To do this, it is not at all necessary to take a vacation at the main place of work, to go on business trips. There are educational organizations that organize corporate training (advanced training) for company employees and civil servants. In this case, study does not interrupt seniority, and the questions studied can be immediately applied to work. + High learning outcomes The results of distance learning are not inferior or even superior to the results of traditional forms of education. A student of distance learning studies most of the educational material independently. This improves the memorization and understanding of the topics covered. And the ability to immediately apply knowledge in practice, at work, helps to consolidate them. In addition, the use of the latest technologies in the learning process makes it more interesting and livelier. Download IGNOU ASSIGNMENT FRONT PAGE

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