How to Write Thesis for Bodoland University or Gauhati University
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In this post, we’ll show you how to write a thesis and provide advice on how to choose a topic and organise your work. We’ll also go through the blunders you should avoid.

During your senior year, you will almost certainly be required to prepare a thesis. This is a research article about a specific subject. You can choose your own topic or your teacher will assign one to you. While many scientific publications written may be a master’s thesis, the project acts as preparation for a university career.

It is not easy to write a scientific report. There are a number of things to keep in mind. It is critical that you manage your time well, exhibit patience, and avoid putting yourself under unnecessary stress. Following are some pointers that can help you succeed in your work.

Finding topic

Of course, you’ll need a topic before you can begin writing your thesis. You have an option, with a few exceptions. First, you must choose a topic on which to write a scientific paper. Select a topic that you are passionate about.

After you’ve chosen a topic, you’ll need to come up with a research question for your project. Remember that you can either conduct literature study, conduct an experiment, or conduct a survey to answer the specified question. Your research question will determine which strategy is best. If you’re having trouble finding a question, your teacher will gladly assist you. He also offers advice on how to phrase the question or the title of your work more accurately.

Reading relevant literature and looking at other scholarly papers on the chosen subject can also provide inspiration. In any event, you should get advice from your teacher before deciding on a topic. He’ll be able to inform you if your ideas are feasible and can be implemented with minimal effort.

When it comes to choosing a theme, your imagination has no bounds. Once you’ve settled on a topic, you’ll be able to narrow down your options. We’ve chosen a few concepts for various disciplines to show here. These are broad subjects that you can still personalise and incorporate into a question:

Sample topics

For the subject of Biology, here are some examples

  • High blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, and Down syndrome are examples of diseases.
  • Doping
  • Crops’ importance

Examples for the Literature subject:

  • Analysis of a film
  • Novel examinations
  • Assess drama
  • Orthography and spelling

When writing a technical paper, there are a few things to be careful about. It’s critical that you establish how you want your work to be organised right from the start. You will be able to orient yourself on the structure during the writing process and make fewer mistakes if you decide on one beforehand . We’ve put together a few pointers for you to use as a help when setting up your workspace.

Create an outline

You should start by creating an outline for your project. During the writing process, you define the content structure, structure your work, and prevent neglecting crucial aspects. The framework divides your work into discrete chapters, each of which has sub-items as needed.

You will keep an overview if you build the outline immediately at the start. An outline is a foundation upon which your work is built. It provides assistance throughout the research and writing process. It’s likely that things will alter over time as you gather fresh information or the outcomes of your experiment or survey turn out to be radically different than you anticipated.

Make a cover sheet

It makes no difference whether you design your cover sheet before or after you complete writing your thesis. However, it is critical that you allow yourself sufficient time. All information about your work and yourself should be included on the cover sheet. The following details are included:

  • The work’s title
  • The topic for which you’re submitting your work
  • Your given name
  • Your educational level
  • The name of the teacher who will be mentoring you.
  • The deadline for submitting your work.

The cover sheet should be as simple as appropriate to read. Ask your teacher or older students for a template if you’re not sure what the cover sheet should look like. If you use the word processing programme Word, you can get cover sheet templates there as well.

Include a Foreword

How to Write Thesis for Bodoland University or Gauhati University
How to Write Thesis for Bodoland University or Gauhati University

A preface isn’t required for your thesis. If you want to go into greater detail on the subject, you can do so in the introduction. If problems developed throughout the research and writing process, it may be appropriate to explain them in the foreword. The best course of action is to speak with your teacher about it.

If you wish to include a foreword, you must include it before the table of contents at the very beginning of your work. You can write the foreword in the first person and include personal remarks.

Table of contents should be prepared

Essentially, you simply copy the different elements of your sketch into a directory and assign page numbers to them. Of course, because you don’t know how lengthy the various chapters would be at the start, you can only add these at the conclusion.

Make a formal introduction. 

The introduction is the first piece of your thesis’ written portion. Even in this case, you should use a scientific writing style. Long and convoluted sentences, as well as colloquial language and filler words, should be avoided. Unless you want to stress past occurrences, you should write your entire technical work in the present tense.

The beginning should account for no more than ten percent of your overall effort. You introduce your audience to the issue, describe your research techniques, and reveal your strategy step by step in this section of the thesis. It’s also critical that you set a goal for yourself in terms of what you want to accomplish with your work.

Creating the main section

Because this is the most crucial portion of your thesis, it takes up the most room. The primary part should account for about 80% of your technical labour. This section’s goal is to respond to your work’s research question. You can do this by evaluating the results of an experiment or a survey or by using literary sources.

Your viewpoint is always important. However, you must be able to back up your claims with evidence. To clarify your viewpoints, it’s best to employ a variety of arguments. Furthermore, you should adopt a critical mindset and not accept everything as written in the literature. Your job is to evaluate the literature that was used or to interpret the results of your test or survey. Check the plausibility of various statements by interrogating them.

How to Write Thesis for Bodoland University or Gauhati University

Creating a summary

The conclusion brings the written portion of your work to a close. It is a summary of the most essential findings from your research. Keep it as short as possible while yet stating your results clearly. Your conclusion should be around the same length as your opening.

Consider what the most essential findings of your work are and how they will help you answer your research question when composing the conclusion. You can also return to your self-imposed aim and provide an outlook on prospective future work on the subject.

Putting Together a Bibliography

Following the written portion of the thesis comes the bibliography. It contains an alphabetical list of all sources used. You identify your sources in the running text or as a note on the one hand, and in detail in the bibliography on the other. Any source must be included. The directory should also include Internet resources. It’s critical to include information about the author, the book’s or article’s title, the publisher, and the year of publication.

The bibliography, by the way, has a page number and is listed in the table of contents. It does not, however, count toward the work’s stated scope. Make sure your citation style is consistent. Please consult your teacher if you are unsure how the bibliography should be formatted.

Add a Declaration of Independence if you want to be more formal.

You finish your effort by writing a proclamation of independence at the end of the line. You certify in it that you wrote the work yourself and that you cited all sources. This declaration safeguards you against plagiarism. The explanation presupposes that you have already identified all of your sources. If you don’t, your teacher will very certainly find out, and you will fail the assignment.


Mistakes to avoid when writing a research paper

How to Write Thesis for Bodoland University or Gauhati University
How to Write Thesis for Bodoland University or Gauhati University

When writing a thesis, there are a few things that can go wrong. The majority of them are simple to avoid. When writing a technical paper, precision is crucial. You will prevent numerous mistakes if you give yourself enough time to calmly review how you have developed and organised your work. When writing a thesis, you should avoid the following mistakes.

Making the cover sheet on the spur of the moment

Your thesis’ cover sheet is the first thing your teacher sees. As a result, leaving the design of the cover sheet until the final few minutes before submission is not a good idea. Allow plenty of time for the design because first impressions are crucial. If your teacher specifies requirements for the cover sheet, you must strictly follow them. If you don’t, you’ll almost certainly lose points.

The table of contents is not structured.

The table of contents should provide an overview of what you’re working on. Make sure it’s simple to understand. At the end of the day, you’ll need to double-check basic details like formatting and page numbers. It would be really aggravating if you made a mistake here.

Also, make sure that the heads of individual chapters in the text and the table of contents are the same. You must also update the table of contents whenever you make changes to the running text. In any event, it’s a good idea to look over the table of contents again and double-check the page numbers before submitting it.

Don’t separate chapters on purpose.

The order in which the chapters are organised should be clear and intelligible. It’s not uncommon for a chapter to have only one sub-item. That is something you should definitely avoid. At least two sub-points must be included in each section. If you can’t think of any appropriate sub-items for a given point, leave the chapter blank.

Text formatting should be taken casually


How to Write Thesis for Bodoland University or Gauhati University
How to Write Thesis for Bodoland University or Gauhati University

Once you’ve finished the content-related portion of your project, you’ll generally want to turn it in right away. However, looks play a significant part in determining grades. As a result, you can’t make any mistakes when it comes to text formatting. Frequently, the school will issue guidelines that you must follow. In any situation, you must be consistent in your efforts.

Using less number of sources 

Your specialist task necessitates extensive research. You should never rely on just one or two sources. Always double-check facts for correctness and arm yourself with as much information as possible. There aren’t a lot of sources, but there aren’t enough. If your teacher notices that you have done a lot of research, it will affect your mark positively. By the way, you won’t have to look far to find it. Specialized libraries have literature on a variety of themes. Your teacher can provide you with advice on this subject if necessary.

Quotations that aren’t properly labelled

Your work is based on study and citation of primary sources. Make sure you quote the sources accurately. You must acknowledge whether you are plagiarising from another author. This is accomplished through the use of footnotes and the bibliography in your writing. It’s also not permitted to just copy and paste literal paraphrases. If you’re not sure how to cite properly, seek advice from your teacher.

Not proofreading

Even if you want to turn in your work as soon as possible, proofreading is essential. Request that your parents or friends read your article and point out any substance or format errors.

You’ve been working on the project for a long time and have read the material so many times that you may not spot minor errors. It is often beneficial to have a third party read your work with a critical eye. This manner, you’ll be able to spot any issues and fix them before submitting.

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