IGNOU BSc Chemistry Solved Assignment 2022


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Here is the list for IGNOU BSc Chemistry Solved Assignment 2022

Course Code Course Title
CHE-01 Atoms and Molecules
CHE-02 Inorganic Chemistry
CHE-03 Chemistry Lab-I
CHE-04 State of Matter
CHE-05 Organic Chemistry
CHE-06 Organic Reaction Mechanism
CHE-07 (L) Chemistry Lab-II
CHE-08 (L) Chemistry Lab-III
CHE-09 Biochemistry
CHE-10 Spectroscopy
CHE-11 (L) Chemistry Lab – IV
CHE-12 (L) Chemistry Lab – V
MTE-03 Mathematical Methods

IGNOU BSc Chemistry consist of following courses:

CHE-01      Atoms and Molecules

Block-1 Structure of Matter – I

Block-2 Stucture of Matter-II

CHE-02      Inorganic Chemistry

Block-1 Periodicity and s-Block Element

Block-2 p-Block Element-I

Block-3 p-Block Element- II

Block-4 d-Block f-Block Elements

CHE-03      Chemistry Lab-I

Block-1 Quantitative Analysis-I

Block-2 Quantitative Analysis-II

CHE-04      State of Matter

Block-1 State of Matter

Block-2 Chemical Thermodynamics

Block-3 Solutions and Phase Rule

Block-4 Chemical Equilibria and Electrochemistry

Block-5 Dynamics and Macromolecules

CHE-05      Organic Chemistry

Block-1 Fundamental Concepts

Block-2 Basic skeleton: Hydrocarbons and Heterocyclic

Block-3 Derivatives of hydrocarbons-I

Block-4 Derivatives of hydrocarbons-II

CHE-06      Organic Reaction Mechanism

Block-1 Basic Concepts and substitutions

Block-2 Addition and Elimination

Block-3 Reaction Intermediates and molecular Rearrangements

Block-4 Photochemistry and synthetic Methods

CHE-07      (L) Chemistry Lab-II

Block-1 Inorganic Preparations and Gravimetry

Block-2 Qualitative Inorganic Analysis

CHE-08      (L) Chemistry Lab-III

Block-1 Preparative Organic Chemistry

Block-2 Qualitative Organic Analysis

CHE-09      Biochemistry

Block-1 Biomolecules-I

Block-2 Bimolecules-II

Block-3 Bioenergetics and Metabolism

Block-4 Gene Expression

CHE-10      Spectroscopy

Block-1 Basic Concepts and Rotational Spectra

Block-2 IR and Raman Spectra

Block-3 Electronic Spectra and Inrumentation

Block-4 Resonance Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry

CHE-11      (L) Chemistry Lab – IV

Block-1 Laboratory Skills and Techniques

Block-2 Properties of Liquids and Thermochemistry

Block-3 Applications of Thermodynamics

Block-4 Chemical Kinetics

CHE-12      (L) Chemistry Lab – V

 MTE-03     Mathematical Methods

Block-1 Algebra and Geometry

Block-2 Calculus

Block-3 Probability Distributions

Block-4 Statistical Inference

While preparing your assignment, IGNOU highly encourages you to

adhere to the following guidelines:

The TMA is primarily focused with evaluating your ability to apply and comprehend the course content in its entirety. In this assignment, you are not needed to copy pieces of information from the course material; rather, you are expected to use the abilities of critical appreciation that you may have developed throughout your course of study. This assignment is intended to be both a teaching tool and a performance evaluation tool. Please make sure that you read all of the texts that have been assigned for this course. Make notes as you go along to help you remember things. If there is anything you do not understand, please seek clarification from your Counselor at the Study Center. As soon as you are able to complete the project to your satisfaction, you will be prepared to take the test confidently.

  1. Read the full directions for the assignment that are provided in the Handbook and Program Guide before beginning.
  2. In the top right corner of the first page of your answer sheet, write your enrollment number, first and last name, complete address, and date (s).
  3. In the centre of the first page of your answer sheet, write the course title, assignment number, and the name of the study centre to which you are assigned (s).
  4. Only use foolscap size paper for your answer, and properly label each page with your name.
  5. With each response, provide the question number that corresponds to it.
  6. You should use your own handwriting while writing.
  7. It is necessary for you to submit your completed assignment to the Study Centre Coordinator who has been allocated to you by March 31st, 2022 if you are enrolled in the July 2021 Session or the 30th of September, 2022 if enrolled for the January 2022 Session.
  8. Please carefully study the instructions provided in your Programme Guide before continuing.