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IGNOU MA Philosophy MAPY Solved Assignment 2021-22

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Here is the list for IGNOU MA Philosophy (MAPY) Solved Assignment 2021-22

Course Code Course Title
MPY- 01 Indian Philosophy
MPYE- 01 Logic
MPYE- 02 Ethics
MPYE- 03 Epistemology
MPYE- 04 Philosophy of Human Person
MPYE- 05 World Religions
MPYE- 06 Dalit Philosophy
MPYE- 07 Research Methodology in Philosophy
MGP- 05 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution
MPY- 02 Western Philosophy
MPYE- 08 Metaphysics
MPYE- 09 Philosophy of Science an Cosmology
MPYE- 10 Philosophy of Religion
MPYE- 11 Philosophy of Arts (Aesthetics)
MPYE- 12 Tribal Philosophy
MPYE- 13 Philosophy of Technology
MPYE- 14 Philosophy of Mind
MPYE- 15 Gandhian Philosophy
MPYE- 16

Philosophy Of Sri Aurobindo

MPYP- 01 Dissertation / Project work


IGNOU MA Philosophy (MAPY) 1st Year Consist of following papers:

MGP-05 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution

Block-1 Understanding Peace

Block-2 Nature And Causes Of Conflict

Block-3 Methods Of Conflict Resolution

Block-4 Towards Durable Peace

MPY-001 Indian Philosophy

Block-1 Introduction To Indian Philosophy

Block-2 Heterodox Systems

Block-3 Orthodox Systems-I

Block-4 Orthodox Systems-II

Block-5 Indian Systematic Philosophy

Block-6 Contemporary Indian Philosophy

MPYE-001 Logic

Block-1 Classical Logic

Block-2 Sentential Logic-I : Introduction

Block-3 Sentential Logic-II : Proving Validity

Block-4 Predicate Logic

MPYE-002 Ethics

Block-1 Introduction To Ethics

Block-2 Ethical Foundations

Block-3 Applied Ethics

Block-4 Current Ethical Debates

MPYE-003 Epistemology

Block-1 Introduction

Block-2 Justification Of Knowledge

Block-3 Hermeneutics

Block-4 Post-Hermeneutic Epistemology

MPYE-004 Philosophy of Human Person

Block-1 General Introduction

Block-2 Human Existence and Freedom

Block-3 Human Relationality

Block-4 Human Destiny

MPYE-005 World Religions

Block-1 Jainism And Buddhism

Block-2 Hinduism And Sikhism

Block-3 Judaism And Christianity

Block-4 Islam And Other Religions

MPYE-006 Dalit Philosophy

Block 4 Dalit Philosophers Of India

Block-1 Historico-Social Basis Of Dalit Philosophy

Block-2 Religious Philosophy Of Dalits

Block-3 Philosophy As World-View And Outlook

MPYE-007 Research Methodology in Philosophy

Block-1 Basics Of Research In Philosophy

Block-2 Earlier Methods In Philosophy

Block-3 Recent Methods In Philosophy

Block-4 Methodology Of Preparing Research Paper

IGNOU MA Political Science (MPS) 2nd Year Consists of following papers

MPY-002 Western Philosophy

Block-1 Introduction To Western Philosophy

Block-2 Ancient Greek Philosophy

Block-3 Medieval Philosophy

Block-4 Modern Philosophy

Block-5 Contemporary Philosophy-I

Block-6 Contemporary Philosophy-II

MPYE-008 Metaphysics

Block-1 Introduction To Meta Physics

Block-2 Structure Of Finite Being

Block-3 Relation Of Being And Beings

Block-4 Notion Of Being

MPYE-009 Philosophy of Science an Cosmology

Block-1 Introduction

Block-2 Schools Of Contemporary Philosophy Of Science

Block-3 Contemporary Cosmological Theories

Block-4 Special Issues In Contemporary Philosophy Of Science And Cosmology

MPYE-010 Philosophy of Religion

Block-1 Introduction To Philosophy Of Religion

Block-2 Foundations Of Religion

Block-3 Atheism / A-Theism

Block-4 Theism

MPYE-011 Philosophy of Arts (Aesthetics)

Block-1 Introduction

Block-2 Indian Aesthetics

Block-3 Western Aesthetics

Block-4 Aesthetics-Its Application

MPYE-012 Tribal Philosophy

Block-1 Historico-Social Basis Of Tribal Philosophy

Block-2 Philosophy As World-View And Outlook

Block-3 Political And Economic Philosophy

Block-4 Religious Philosophy

MPYE-013 Philosophy of Technology

Block-1 Reality : Chaos Theory And Nanotechnology

Block-2 Life: Genetics And Human Genome Project

Block-3 Consciousness : Artificial Intelligence And Neurotheology

Block-4 Death And Physical Immortality

MPYE-014 Philosophy of Mind

Block-1 Introduction To Philosophy Of Mind

Block-2 Mind And Body In The History Of Philosophy : Western And Indian

Block-3 Expressions Of Mind And Brain : Indian And Western

Block-4 Operations Of The Mind And Its Destiny

MPYE-015 Gandhian Philosophy

Block-1 Introduction To Gandhian Philosophy

Block-2 Gandhian Philosophy Of Religion

Block-3 Gandhian Socio-Political Philosophy

Block-4 Relevance Of Gandhian Philosophy

MPYE-016 Philosophy Of Sri Aurobindo

Block-1 Introduction To Philosophy Of Aurobindo

Block-2 Integral Vision of Reality

Block-3 Aurobindo’s Philosophy Of Human Being

Block-4 Significance of Aurobindo’s Philosophy

MPYP 001 Dissertation / Project work