IGNOU (MTM/MTTM) MA Tourism Management Solved Assignment 2022


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Here is the list for IGNOU MASTER’S DEGREE IN TOURUSM MANAGEMENT (MTM/MTTM) Solved Assignment 2022 

Course Code Course Title
MTTM – 1 Management Functions and Behaviour in Tourism
MTTM – 2 Human Resource Planning and Development in Tourism
MTTM – 3  Managing Personnel in Tourism
MTTM – 4 Information Management Systems and Tourism
MTTM – 5 Accounting and Finance for Managers
MTTM – 6 Marketing for Managers
MTTM – 7 Managing Sales and Promotion in Tourism
MTTM – 9 Understanding Tourism Markets
MTTM – 10 Tourism Impacts
MTTM – 11 Tourism Planning and Development
MTTM – 12 Tourism Products: Design and Development
MTTM – 13 Tourism Operations
MTTM – 14 Tourist Transport Operations (Road Transport)
MTTM – 15 Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Expositions (MICE)
MTTM – 16 Dissertation
MTTM- 08 Managing Enterpreneurship and Small Business in Tourism

IGNOU MASTER’S DEGREE IN TOURUSM MANAGEMENT (MTM/MTTM) 1ST Semester Consist of following papers:

MTTM-1 Management Functions and Behaviour in Tourism

Unit-1 Tasks of a Professional Manager

Unit-2 Responsibilities of a Professional Manager

Unit-3 Management Systems and Processes

Unit-4 Managerial Skills –

Unit-5 Organisational Context of Decisions

Unit-6 Decision Making Models, Techniques and Processes

Unit-7 Management by Objectives (MBO)

Unit-8 Organisational Culture and Managerial Ethos

Unit-9 Management of Organisational Conflict and Managing Change

Unit-10 Organisation Structure and Design

Unit-11 Managerial Communication

Unit-12 Planning Process

Unit-13 Controlling, Delegation and Interdepartment Coordination

Unit-14 Analysing Interpersonal Relations

Unit-15 Leadership Styles and Influence Process

Unit-16 Group Dynamics

MTTM-2 Human Resource Planning and Development in Tourism

Unit-1 Concepts and Process of Human Resource Planning

Unit-2 Macro Level Scenario of Human Resource Planning

Unit-3 Methods and Techniques: Demand Forecasting

Unit-4 Methods and Techniques : Supply Forecasting

Unit-5 Job Evaluation: Concept, Scope and Limitation

Unit-6 Job Analysis and Job Description

Unit-7 Job Evaluation Methods

Unit-8 Human Resource Information Systems

Unit-9 Human Resource Audit

Unit-10 Human Resource Accounting

Unit-11 Human Resource Development : An Overview

Unit-12 Human Resource Development Systems

Unit-13 Task Analysis

Unit-14 HRD in Service Industry

Unit-15 Organising for HRD

Unit-16 Emerging Trends and Perspectives

MTTM-3 Managing Personnel in Tourism

Unit-1 Functions and Operations of a Personnel Office

Unit-2 Recruitment and Selection

Unit-3 Induction and Placement

Unit-4 Staff Training and Development

Unit-5 Motivation and Productivity

Unit-6 Employee Motivation and Job Enrichment

Unit-7 Career Planning

Unit-8 Performance Monitoring and Appraisal

Unit-9 Transfer, Promotion and Reward Policies

Unit-10 Employee Counselling

Unit-11 Discipline, Suspension, Retrenchment and Dismissal

Unit-12 Employee Grievance Handling

Unit-13 Compensation and Salary Administration

Unit-14 Laws and Rules Governing Employee Benefits and Welfare

Unit-15 Gender and Other Related Issues in Tourism

MTTM-4 Information Management Systems and Tourism

Unit-1 Data, Information and Knowledge: Intellectual Assets

Unit-2 Generation of Information: Modes and Forms

Unit-3 Conceptual Foundations Of Information Systems

Unit-4 Role of Computers in Management

Unit-5 Introduction To Computers

Unit-6 Personal Computers and their Uses

Unit-7 Computer Networks

Unit-8 An MIS Perspective

Unit-9 Information Needs and Its Economics

Unit-10 Management Of Information Resources and Control Systems

Unit-11 Computer, Management Functions and Decision MAKING

Unit-12 System Analysis and Design: An Overview

Unit-13 Information Technologies and Tourism

Unit-14 Protecting Information in Computers

Unit-15 Social Dimensions of Computerisation

Unit-16 Legal Dimensions of Computerisation

IGNOU MASTER’S DEGREE IN TOURUSM MANAGEMENT (MTM/MTTM) 2nd Semester Consist of following papers:


MTTM-5 Accounting and Finance for Managers

Block-1 Accounting Framework

Block-2 Understanding Finacial Statements

Block-3 Cost Management

Block-4 Finacial and Investment Analysis

Block-5 Finacial Decisions

MTTM-6 Marketing for Managers

Block-1 Marketing and its Applications

Block-2 Marketing Planning and Organisation

Block-3 Understanding Consumers

Block-4 Product Management

Block-5 Pricing and Promotion Strategy

Block-6 Distribution and Public Policy

MTTM-7 Managing Sales and Promotion in Tourism

MTTM-7 Managing Sales and Promotion in Tourism

MTTM-8 Managing Enterpreneurship and Small Business in Tourism

Unit-1 Entrepreneurship and Small Scale Enterprises

Unit-2 Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

Unit-3 Institutional Interface For Small Scale Industries

Unit-4 Opportunity Scanning and Identification

Unit-5 Market Assessment For SSE

Unit-6 Choice Of Technology And Selection Of Site

Unit-7 Financing The New/Small Enterprises

Unit-8 Preparation of The Business Plan

Unit-9 Ownership Structures and Organisational Framework

Unit-10 Financial Management Issues In Sse

Unit-11 Organisational Relations In Sse : Human Resources

Unit-12 Strategies For Stabilisation And Growth

Unit-13 Management Performance Assessment and Control

Unit-14 Managing Family Enterprises

IGNOU MASTER’S DEGREE IN TOURUSM MANAGEMENT (MTM/MTTM) 3rd Semester Consist of following papers:


MTTM-09 Understanding Tourism Markets

Unit-1 Tourism Markets

Unit-2 Tourism Information: Sources

Unit-3 Market Research

Unit-4 Motivation, Trends, Types And Forms

Unit-5 Market Segmentation, Targetting And Positioning

Unit-6 Tourism Markets: Forecasting, New Market–Led Products And Alternate Markets

Unit-7 Domestic Markets – I       –

Unit-8 Domestic Markets – II

Unit-9 Indian Outbound Market

Unit-10 East Asia Pacific Region

Unit-11 South Asia

Unit-12 Middle East and Gulf

Unit-13 United Kingdom and Europe

Unit-14 American Market

Unit-15 The Nri Market

Unit-16 Market Constraints

MTTM-10 Tourism Impacts

Unit-1 Sustainable Development: Tourism Debate

Unit-2 Global Impacts

Unit-3 GATS and Tourism

Unit-5 Economic Impacts: Local

Unit-6 Economic Impacts: Carrying Capacity

Unit-7 Economic Impacts: Artisans and Crafts Production

Unit-8 Social Impacts of Tourism-I

Unit-9 Social Impacts of Tourism-II

Unit-10 Cultural Impacts

Unit-11 Environmental Impacts: Wildlife

Unit-12 Environmental Impacts: Islands and Beaches

Unit-13 Environmental Impacts: Hills and Mountains

Unit-14 Political Impacts

Unit-15 Code of Ethics

Unit-16 Tourism Legislation

MTTM-11 Tourism Planning and Development

Unit-1 The Evolution of Tourism Planning

Unit-2 Environmental and Socio-Cultural Considerations in Planning

Unit-3 Economic Consideration in Planning

Unit-4 Political Consideration in Planning

Unit-5 Planning in Tourism (Tourism System)

Unit-6 Approaches to Tourism Planning

Unit-7 Developing Tourism Plans – I : Components of Tourism Development Plan

Unit-8 Developing Tourism Plans – II : Techniques, Surveys and Area

Unit-9 Developing Tourism Plans – III : (Planning Tourist Attractions : (Natural, Cultural and Special Interest)        –

Unit-10 Developing Tourism Plans – IV : Implementation Elements and Monitoring

Unit-11 Strategic and Tactical Perspective of Planning

Unit-12 Global Level Planning

Unit-13 National Level Planning

Unit-14 Regional Level Planning

Unit-15 Local Level Planning

MTTM-16 Dissertation

IGNOU MASTER’S DEGREE IN TOURUSM MANAGEMENT (MTM/MTTM) 4th Semester Consist of following papers:

MTTM-12 Tourism Products: Design and Development

Unit-1 Service Industry: Concepts, Characteristics and Issues

Unit-2 Product Designing

Unit-3 Destination Designing: Issues, Priorities and Concerns

Unit-4 Special Interest Tourism  –

Unit-5 Culture

Unit-6 Religious Tourism (Pilgrimage)

Unit-7 Ecology and Wildlife

Unit-8 Adventure Tourism

Unit-9 Health Tourism

Unit-10 Island and Beach Tourism Product

Unit-11 Ethnic and Rural Tourism

Unit-12 Cruises

Unit-13 Events

Unit-14 Resorts: Designing and Management

MTTM-13 Tourism Operations

Unit-1 Understanding Tourism Operations (Inter-Sectoral Linkages)

Unit-2 Respecting Resident Concerns in Tourism Operations and Development

Unit-3 Quality Management and Customer Care

Unit-4 Managing Tour Operations – I (In-House Operations and Use of Technology)

Unit-5 Managing Tour Operations – II (Field Operations – Inbound and Outbound)

Unit-6 Managing Tour Operations – III (Managing Distribution)

Unit-7 Managing a Tour: Escort

Unit-8 Managing Travel Agency Operations – I (Managing Internal Operations, Technology)

Unit-9 Managing Travel Agency Operations – II (Dealing with Principal Suppliers)

Unit-10 Managing Travel Agency Operations – III (Publicity and Promotions)

Unit-11 Managing Hospitality Operations: Organised Sector

Unit-12 Managing Front Office Operations

Unit-13 Managing House Keeping Operations

Unit-14 Managing Food and Beverages Operations

Unit-15 Managing Hospitality Operations: Unorganised Sector

MTTM-14 Tourist Transport Operations (Road Transport)

Unit-1 Tourism Transport System

Unit-2 Establishing Your Own Tourist Transport Business (Planning and Forecasting)

Unit-3 Required Infrastructure and Capital

Unit-4 Need For Segmentation/Segmentation Techniques

Unit-5 Costing and Pricing in Tourist Transport Business

Unit-6 Selling in Tourist Transportation

Unit-7 Tourist Transport Operations – I

Unit-8 Tourist Transport Operations– II

Unit-9 Personnel Management: Recruitment, Training and Briefing

Unit-10 Transportation Laws and Regulations

Unit-11 Car Rental Agency Operations

Unit-12 Managing Leakages

MTTM-15 Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Expositions (MICE)

Unit-1 The Corporate Sector and Business Traveller

Unit-2 Incentive Travel  –

Unit-3 Meetings, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences             –

Unit-4 Understanding Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Unit-5 Planning Mice

Unit-6 Linkages with Tourism

Unit-7 Travel Agency and Hotel Operations for Business Travelers

Unit-8 Convention Management — I

Unit-9 Convention Management — II

Unit-10 Convention Management – III

Unit-11 Convention Management – IV

Unit-12 Managing Expositions – I

Unit-13 Managing Expositions – II

Unit-14 Incentive Tour Management