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MEG 13 Writings From The Margins Solved Assignments 2021-22

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 MEG 13 Writings From The Margins Solved Assignments 2021-22 

 (Based on Blocks (1-8)

Course Code: MEG-13/ 2021-22

Max. Marks: 100

All questions are compulsory.

1. Write short notes on : 10 x 2 = 20

a) Dalit Movement

b) Metaphor of the tree in Changia Rukh

2. Critically analyse the poem “Jasmine Creeper under a Banyan Tree’. 20

3. Comment on the issue discussed in the novel Kocharethi:The Araya Woman. 20

4. Critically analyse the representation of women in ‘Liandova and Tuaisiala’. 20

5. Discuss the growth of the narrator from a young girl to an adult educated woman in the novel Sangati. 20

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